The Fans Have Spoken!!!

Brian Wilson and Al Jardine in a cab signing autographs
Brian Wilson and Al Jardine in a car signing autographs
By Howie Edelson

Nearly 20 years after its initial release, Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys has proven that the love, care, and joy this band has infused in its music is both ageless and contagious. It remains one of life’s most dependable joys. For life-long diehards – along with a new crew of digital and streaming recruits – the expanded, 80-track, triple-disc Sounds of Summer has resonated and connected with fans, sending the compilation spiraling up to an amazing Number 31 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. It’s not a coincidence. Nor is it a fluke. As always, the proof is in the grooves. The love STILL pours out of the speakers.

Check out what a FEW of the fans of SOUNDS OF SUMMER had to say:

  1.“I am obsessed with the packaging of this album.”
@puttherecordon on Instagram

2.“Summer has officially begun! Sounds Of Summer is the perfect soundtrack.”

3.“These new mixes, of course, are very, very different from the originals, but to me, they nail the spirit of them. These will be haunting my summer Spotify playlists for sure. I found the spirit and attitude of these new mixes to be a welcome surprise.” 4.“The new ‘Marcella’ mix is incredible!”

5. "There’s no question that The Beach Boys are the undisputed kings of harmony. Vocally, I don’t think there’s been another male group that can hold a candle to the pristine and balanced sound these guys resonate."

@stevekouta on Instagram

6.“Omgggg what a gorgeous set. Even the box itself is beautiful.” 7.“The new ‘Good Vibrations’ stereo mix sounds fantastic!”

@shampain.problems I feel like I want to spin this while I clean my house with the windows open #thebeachboys #soundsofsummer #vinyl #records ♬ Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

8.“Sounds Of Summer is another way to listen to my favorite band. If you are purchasing your first Beach Boys music, this would be the one to get (and the price is right for 80 recordings!)” 9."The Beach Boys Sounds of Summer 10 out of 10 always, always and forever."

10."All the hits and plenty more deep cuts with great sound quality."

11.“Two of the main reasons the core fans would be picking this up would be the new packaging/liner notes, and the new stereo remixes. I'm glad a lot more thought went into the track selection and consideration for some new remixes.”

Fan photo of the inside packaging

12.“Super cool packaging and the remastering sounds so good!”

13.“’Baby Blue’ -- oh my. Gorgeous.”

14.“The new 3-CD upgrade of Sounds Of Summer has not left my player since the day of its release. Regular and shuffle play have gotten quite a workout this last month! So many moments of 'sounds SO clear' and 'I’ve never heard that song sound so different and so fresh' just make their history come to life all over again! Good vibrations, indeed!” 15. "The sound quality is also literally incredible."

@melissabuysvinyl the sound quality is also literally incredible on these #thebeachboys #soundsofsummer #vinylcheck #vinylcollection #unboxing ♬ Good Vibrations - 2021 Stereo Mix - The Beach Boys

16.“I'm digging it. I love the remixes that sound drastically different.”

17.“'Do You Like Worms’ -- halfway through this I am not only smiling at the awesome mix, but at the thought of some new fan listening to this set and hearing ‘Do You Like Worms’ of all things! If anyone isn’t confident in the decisions being made about the future of this band, just remember that an immersive mix of ‘Do You Like Worms’ will be listened to by a lot of casual fans. That is kick ass.”

18.“The Beach Boys are my absolute favorite. The harmonies registered in the deepest areas of my soul. It was like someone was out there that completely understood me in ways I couldn’t express.” 19."As far as greatest hits compilations go this one is up there with the best of them, all thrill no fill."

20.“This is art, yes, but it’s also popular entertainment. Old mono mixes, crudely separated stereo mixes and overly dense mixes make the music less appealing to the widest possible audience. This new set attempts to package the band’s best together in consistent sound and presentation.” Sounds of Summer 2022. The best company. The coolest music. . . . and warmed-up weather, let’s get together and do it again!!! This fall will prove to be a “dream in a waltz time” with an exciting announcement coming soon, so be sure to watch this space! Life is good. The Beach Boys for everyone.